Chat with Friends Friday -- Suzan Mazur


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Suzan Mazur is what we call a powerhouse. We’re pretty sure she has some kind of secret nuclear reactor supplying her energy. Like a Terminator…only not as scary. And not made of metal. And more human. So…nothing like a Terminator, really. Except for the indestructible part. Her non-robotic hands have helped produce many hundreds of hours of quality television programming. Her other passions include writing and performing stand-up and sketch comedy, with a preference towards political satire. Some of her friends admit to using her as their exclusive source of news. Both willingly and unwillingly.

This is a very interesting chat with @suzanmazur about the television and film industry, how to be a good person in whatever you do and the benefits of being open to learning from others.


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Chat with Friends Friday -- Suzan Mazur
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