Maker Monday -- Dan Snow

Dan Snow is the founder of the Snow Collective, a marketing and business strategy agency designed to support businesses as they grow, evolve, and elevate within their market.

A connector by nature, @dsno_ loves to meet folks from all walks of life and business, learn about their goals and challenges, and create the right team to support them. Dan actively seeks out BIPOC, indigenous, disabled, and generally diverse clients in order to support grassroots businesses that want to level up and step into their limelight.

Dan hosts a monthly peer-mentoring and strategy meeting, the Snow Collective Leadership Connect call, to connect leads to their business and each other.

Dan is one of the most positive people we know and he is smart, savvy and sexy too. We love any time spent with Dan, it's always a ton of fun, and also insightful and uplifting.


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Maker Monday -- Dan Snow
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