Maker Mondays - Zula



Tonight we chat with our positive, enthusiastic, ever gorg friend, Zula. @zulajewelry makes nature inspired jewelry with a deeper purpose and is a true believer that her jewelry and her attitude can be a hopeful force for others. Stacey and Zula talks about how business vs. creative self can be a fun rollercoaster, and how creativity can come and go (and that we need to be okay with that) and the most important thing is to take time for creativity. Zula exudes optimism and she is so fun to be around - so make sure to watch and enjoy!

About our Maker @zulajewelry:

"I am intuitive jeweller here to build a bridge of reverent connection between humans, and Nature and the Cosmos. I am a person who has a deep love of nature and acknowledges the healing power of the natural and cosmic world.

I create jewelry directly using branches, roots and leaves from nature, the magic of crystals and gemstones, benevolent galactic rays, and the knowingness that there is a great beyond full of even more magic and wisdom.

Whether you just have eyes to look, or hands to feel, whether you want to spend $20 or take the time to design a custom piece with me, ZULA jewelry is available to help you feel your truest, most grounded and empowered self."


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Maker Mondays - Zula
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